6666 Anonymous
lurk on the blockchain.

Wait for the prey
which is
evil, arrogant, dishonest
and send it a dagger...



No shit. Are you still believing NFT project's bullshit exuberant roadmap in 2022? WAKE UP! All the NFT roadmaps are void before it get implemented. Here's a list about what benefit our project can bring for you now and what we may do in the future:

You can get now:
- Join our Beta group (Nothing there. You may feel bored.)
- Exclusive whitelist giveaways with other NFT projects
- Daily upcoming NFT projects report
- Red flag NFT projects report

What we may build in the future (Probably nothing):
- Some practical NFT trading tools (Mass bid, auto trade...etc)
- A real time crypto and NFT database website
- A real and clean web 3 social media with 0 goddamn fake account



Nowadays this NFT space is full of scam, rug, overvalued, worthless projects. I don't think the father of Ethereum - Vitalik Buterin is glad to see this situation on the blockchain he created. So if you are the one who doesn't like the current NFT space either, join us. Let's change something here!

Please send your resume to our


As our NFT collection is totally for free, we really lack of fund for building quickly. So if you are willing to support us with donation and help us grow community, we will really appreciate it.

Our ETH address:

ETH, USDT or any NFT is acceptable. Thank you.